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Email Verifier - Google Chrome Web Store

Posted on 25 January 2015

We just released a neat little extension for Google Chrome. It will allow you to quickly access our control panel. In future, we are planning to have a notification system to inform you of completed email verification jobs. This small little addon will allow you easier access right from your Chrome browser.

You can add this Email Verification Extension by getting it right from the Chrome Web Store - https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/email-address-verificatio/ngfgcdpajpbniiiajfbnijkafchgmbio

Alternatively, you can download the following zip file. Then go to Tools > Extensions and drop your file content into the browser without the zip file in it.

On Mac computer, go to Windows > Extensions and drop the file content into the browser and the addon will be installed for you.

If you are experiencing issues, please get in touch with our team.