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Extended API

Posted by JC B on July 12, 2017 00:22

Do you have an API that can show me / my application how much credit do I still have in the Real Time API? This can be used for backend integration. THanks!

Posted by JC B on July 12, 2017 00:22

Hi there,

Yes, we do have API. We have three of them fit for different purposes - https://www.emailverifierapp.com/features/email-verification-api/

Every new account has 100 free API credits. You can use your monthly or top up to refill those credits by transferring your credit to buy API tokens. You can obviously use it to integrate into your backend. We have sample code available for each of those APIs.

Let me know if there is anything else we could assist you with.

Staff Message Posted by Online T on July 12, 2017 11:50

Yes, I am aware of your API and actually using it for the past week now.
I think you misunderstood the question. I need an API that will show me how much credits we have for our Real Time API.

For example, If my application accesses https://api.emailverifierapp.com/realtime-credits/?acct=[accountNumber] it will show a JSON string like: {'available_credits':10,000}

That JSON string will then be used by our backend application, to be rendered as UI.

I wonder if you have that kind of functionality.
Hope that clears things out. :)


Posted by JC B on July 13, 2017 17:04

Hi JC,

That does make sense now. Thank you for letting us know. I asked our developers to release an API for this. Hopefully, we will hear back from them soon. Thank you for your patience. At this stage, you would need to login to check your credits.

Also what you are asking for seems reasonable. It is supposed to be part of our core offerings so we will make sure that is the case. Thank you for letting us know once again. We will keep you posted on this.

Staff Message Posted by Online T on July 14, 2017 12:36

I am not sure if you were informed of this but the usage logs are not available. You can also check your balance through API. I hope this improvement will help you build better applications.

Staff Message Posted by Angel F on March 28, 2018 19:05

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