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What are additional options?

Last updated by Roshan Jonah on September 05, 2015 00:46

Additional options give you further flexibility in launching email verification jobs with us. It allows you to customize how you would like your list to be verified. For example, some customers don't want us to remove duplicate emails. Is that possible? It sure is! 

We help you customize by presenting you with a list of options to choose from in the second step of launching a job

If you want to simplify things, you can hit "Select All" and we will take care of the rest. For those who want to customize, this is what those additional options do when selected or deselected. 

Remove Duplicates - Lets you get rid of any duplicate emails within your list. Sending to duplicate email is a big no no. 

Remove Spam Trap - This allows you to get rid of any spam trap or honey pot email addresses. Although we cannot remove all the spam-traps, our system is intelligent enough to figure out what looks like a suspicious spam-trap looking email address. 

Remove Complainers - This allows us to scan email addresses on your list against the complainers that we have on our database and from other feeds. It reduces your chances of getting your email marked as spam by people who don't like receiving any marketing emails. 

Remove Temporary Email Addresses - These are services which allow their customers access to temporary email alias. Usually they become invalid within a specific time span which could range from minutes to days. Sending emails to temporary email addresses pose a high risk of increasing your bounce rate. 

Fix Typos - Our system tries to automatically correct email addresses which are incorrect due to a typo. One good example is "demo@gmal.com". There is an "i" missing within the domain "gmail". Our system tries to automatically correct and then validate if such mailbox address exists. 

Real-time Bounce Processing - This is still in beta stages and is not used for most of the email verification jobs we undertake. It defies the purpose of our service as it involves sending a verification email to the email address and then marking it as valid or invalid depending on whether a bounce message is received or not within a specific timeframe. We suggest that you leave this option unticked. Even by ticking this option, our system/staff decide whether or not to add your job to verification que with this option.