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How to export excel into a CSV file?

Last updated by Roshan Jonah on August 25, 2017 17:43

To verify your mailing list on Email Verifier, we have restrictions on the formats we accept. It must be either in TXT or CSV file. See the benefits of having it in either of these formats. 

Customers ask us time to time on how to export their data file into a CSV file. It’s quite simple and can be done using most popular services online (Google Sheets) or using most used editing programs (Microsoft Excel).

Note: Even if you have a file in CSV format, please re-save it using the steps highlighted below. This will ensure the compatibility is exactly how our system would recognize it. Also renaming your data file will not make it a CSV file.

In this article, we will assume you have Microsoft Excel installed on your computer.

1) Open your file in Excel, go to File > Save as to see the “Save As” dialog box.

2) Select “Comma Separated (.csv)” from the Format drop-down menu and hit the save button.

3 Usually a warning would appear as Excel attempts to save you file. Just hit “Continue” and it should save it.

Following this simple procedure before you upload your CSV file will help us verify your list and give it back to you in time.

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If you haven't signed up already, sign up now. If you have an account, learn how to launch an email verification job now that you are ready with a proper CSV file.