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How to customize the records I want to see?

Last updated by Roshan Jonah on September 05, 2015 00:49

Want to customize how many records are displayed at a time? 

Well, now you can. We know customizing the number of records to be displayed makes viewing more comfortable. Some people prefer having a large number of records to scan across while others prefer a very few in front of their screens. 

We also know that it's a tiring task if you had to set the number of records you want to see on different parts of the site. To make this task easier, we combined it all so you can see same number of records in every part of the site. Whether its activity log or verification jobs, you will see the same number that you elect through this setting.  

Assuming that you are logged in, click on "My Account" either by hovering over your gravatar (display pic) or your name. 

Now click on "App Settings" from the choice of tabs. From here you can set the number of records you want to see on your account. As per the screenshot below, the number of records we prefer is 10. You can choose a number you prefer. 

We hope this feature will make using our email verification software that tiny bit easier.