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How to check your Pay as you go balance?

Last updated by Roshan Jonah on September 05, 2015 00:48

Assuming you have topped up using pay as you go option and you are signed into your account, click on "Balance / Usage" link from the left hand menu. This will open up a new menu with two options. Choose "Pay as you go" from the list. You will end up on a screen which looks similar to this. 

From here, you can see the amount of credit you have used in the past (highlighted on the left side of the box). It currently tells me that we have used $1.10 of our credit. Our current balance is shown to the right side of the screen. As per the screenshot above, our current balance stands at $80.90. The billing tab which is automatically populated shows the billing history of all the top ups made in the past along with the date and time of transaction. 

Want more detailed usage history? 

Click on the "Usage" tab next to billing. This will populate a list of detailed usage history of your top up credits. It is aligned with time and date of usage allowing you to easily see how much you've used and when you have topped up. It shows all the deductions and additions. If we have granted you credit as a compensation, this is the place it would show up. 

We believe you should know everything you are charged for. This is the sole purpose of such detailed usage statistics. This will not only clear your doubts about any payment related enquiries but also assist you in downloading invoices and keeping you informed of our charges at present and in the past.