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How to check the progress of your job?

Last updated by Roshan Jonah on September 05, 2015 00:45

Assuming that you have already launched your email verification job, its time to check whether its complete. 

1) Login to your account by clicking on the login button of our website

2) You should land straight on the "Dashboard". This gives you an overview of all the jobs you have launched with us.

3) From here, you can check the progress of your email verification job. Currently we only have two status (Pending & Completed) to keep things simple. If it has been processing for a long time, please check your email inbox. 

Its most likely that there is something wrong with the file you submitted or maybe we have some questions to clarify before verifying.

Do note that what we do is not a walk in the park...its a highly complex system working to verify and validate the email addresses you provide. 

Although we do it at an astounding speed, there are various factors which could slow us down. You can check the article on how long it takes to verify your mailing list for more information. 

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