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How to check my account's activity?

Last updated by Roshan Jonah on September 05, 2015 00:48

Security is important in every web application and ours is no different. We put special emphasis on making sure everything is done securely especially because we are dealing with sensitive details like your customer's name, address, and email address. One of the way we keep it tight is by allowing you to check your own account's activity. 

From the moment you are logged in, every page you visit is tracked along with your activity such as uploading a mailing list or purchasing a monthly plan or topping up your account. This allows you to check if someone is operating your account and it also gives us useful information on intruder's activity. 

Assuming that you have an account with us and that you are logged in. Click on the small activity log icon beside the log out icon. It looks similar to this and you will see a tooltip pop up every time you hover over it. The tooltip reads "Activity Log". Click on it. 

You will land on a page which looks similar to this. It will show you the IP address, time, data, action and other crucial detail regarding your account's activity. 

Hopefully, this would encourage you to use our email verification platform. We are continually improving our feature set...so if you have any suggestions, please put them here. We would pick them up one after another.