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What is EV Score?

Last updated by Roshan Jonah on August 25, 2017 17:43

EV score is a good indicator of the quality of the email address in question. Our system can correctly verify if the email address is valid or not but even if we determined it to be valid, it doesn’t mean to say that there will be a good response from that email address. 

This is why EV score is important. It lets you determine which email addresses you can send with confidence and which email addresses you need to take caution with. One of the simplest way we could explain how SendEV works is by distinctions such as this bob.jones@domain.com would be considered a higher quality email address than jskjgksjfsh@domain.com.

Email Verifier App uses a number of algorithms, derived from scanning through millions of email transactions to determine the overall quality of an email address. Some of the things we look for is as follows:

- How similar or dissimilar an email address appears to known, high-quality email addresses that our system is evaluating or has evaluated in the past. It learns by evaluating patterns of what makes up a good email address and thereby provides insight into the overall quality of a given address.

- The type of domain it is under such as a corporate email address (@bigcompany.com) vs a free email service provider (@gmail.com)

- The association an email address has with a person. A role-based email address is less likely to have a person attending to emails than an email address associated to specific people or contacts (bob.jones@domain.com)

A higher EV value score indicates a good quality email address while a lower score might potentially have higher spam or bounce rate issues. We recommend sending to lower EV with caution. The value itself is anywhere between 0 and 1.

Here are some recommendations for Transactional and Marketing Emails.


1.00-0.55 - Good
0.54-0.020 - Ok
0.19-0.00 - Poor


1.00-0.70 - Good
0.69-0.40 - Ok
0.39-0.00 - Poor