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Things to make sure before uploading

Last updated by Roshan Jonah on September 05, 2015 00:41

So you have signed up for an email verification account and now you are excited to start using it. Here are some guidelines to help you make the most of our service. We highly recommend that you follow these guidelines to achieve great verification results. 

Prepare your file 

This is possibly the most important guideline to follow. Currently we only accept CSV or TXT files. You can see the benefits of using CSV in this article

To prepare a TXT file is more simpler because TXT files only contain email data set. Make sure your TXT file is free from formatting issues (irregular special characters etc). It shouldn't contain commas or any such characters. If you see your TXT file containing commas or semicolons, its most like a CSV file with wrong file extension. See Importing TXT file article

Do you have an excel file at hand? 

That's fine with us. Learn how to convert your excel file into a CSV file for upload

Make sure its really CSV

Quite often we get CSV files which look like this. Obviously this is not a CSV (comma separated values). Simple replace all the ";" semicolons with commas. You can do this in windows by hitting "Ctrl + F" or on Mac "Apple key + F". You can also use tools online such as Text Mechanic

One the easiest ways to fix this is mass replacing the semicolons with commas like this.

Make sure only a single email column exists 

Sometimes we get customers uploading data which has more than one column of email addresses. 

Usually they are referred to as primary email and secondary email. While we are more than happy to clean both primary and secondary email, our system only accepts emails in one single column. We suggest you create a new record for all secondary email. That way our system can clean both records and validate emails accurately. 

Try to avoid unnecessary data and columns

We recommend that you get rid of records with no email addresses because at the end of the day our system is verifying your customer's email address not their name or address. If there is no email address associated with the record, it will most likely return back to you as invalid/unknown. On top of this, you end up paying for a record which we all know will return as invalid since there are no email addresses to verify. 

Secondly, avoid columns which are blank. We have seen headers that have no data in them. Its just unnecessary to keep it there and its best if you remove blank column data. Our system can still verify with blank column data but we recommend to remove it for a much easier to read verification results.