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Quick Start Guide

Last updated by Roshan Jonah on August 25, 2017 17:43

This guide will help you make most of our services and show you around our control panel. 

The following articles would take you through step by step process of getting your mailing lists verified...so hold tight! 

1)  Verify your email address
2) Update your billing Pay as you go or Monthly Plans
3) Prepare your listHow to export excel into a CSV file?
4) Upload your list How to launch an email verification job?
5) Download your verified listHow to download verified files?

1) Verify your email address - Once you sign up with your email address and password, you will receive an activation email which would look similar to this. Click on the button which says "Activate my account" or something along those lines to verify that you really signed up with us and provided us with correct email address to contact you. 

Once you finish this step, you should be able to login here. The login screen should look similar to this. 

Forgot your password? No worries, we can get you sorted. You would surprised how many people come to us who don't remember the passwords they used during their sign up. Simple click on "Forgot Password" link at the bottom of the login screen and reset instructions would be sent to the email you just confirmed. 

When it comes to email verification, we're the best and one of the reason why that is the case is because we provide you with helpful guides like these and top-notch support from our team. This is why people love using our services and our secret behind rapid expansion. If you want to share your great experiences with the word, please write to us and we will post it on the testimonials section of our website.