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I still have Spam-Trap or Complainer address!

Last updated by Roshan Jonah on August 25, 2017 17:43

Time to time, customers come to us asking us why they still have some complainers or spam-trap email addresses in their verified email list. Here are some reasons to consider...

1) It may not be true. You would need a solid evidence that what you believe is a spam-trap email address is actually a spam-trap email address. Most of these emails are kept a secret to fulfill their objective of catching the bad guys. That's the aim. If everyone knew which email addresses were honey pots, then there is no point in keeping them active. So we ask our customers, what makes them think that its a spam-trap email address. 

2) Not all complainers are registered. Every person who doesn't want to receive any marketing email campaigns is registered. Each complainer registers through different services and sometimes we do not have them in our database. Although we make a great effort in adding new complainers databases to our existing one, we might not have them all. We are happy to admit that. 

3) We don't know it all. We currently have millions of spam trap and millions of complainer email addresses in our databases and regularly we update these databases from live feeds but that wouldn't cover ALL the bad email addresses in the world. They do end up deactivating or activating new ones. We continually work on having more live feeds implemented as the years go by. This allows good senders like yourself to stay off these traps. Besides this, we use complex AI algorithms to do the predicting so we are able to cover a lot of emails with certainty that it belongs to a spam trap. See our blog on published results of our predictors. 

Please take note that we only reduce your chances of getting into blacklists. We never say anywhere that we will remove 100% of all spam trap or complainer email addresses. Because none of the companies out there can. 

These emails are supposed to be secret addresses from ESPs. If everybody found out about them, there is no point in having those email addresses. If any company is stating that they can get rid of all the complainers or spam trap email addresses, we are 100% sure they are issuing a false statement. We suggest that you stay far from such scams.