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Email Marketer and Email Verification

Last updated by Roshan Jonah on August 25, 2017 17:43

Email marketing in general is considered to be one of the best ways of direct marketing in the world. Its return on investment (ROI) is something to boast about. You spend quite little but each big results. 

To be successful, one of the most crucial steps is having a list free from spam traps, complainers and invalid email addresses. This is where email verifier app comes in. We are here to make you a successful email marketer.

Whether you are acquiring new lists or validating your old ones, you are bound to have email addresses that are likely to bounce or invalid. Most email marketers say their list has been double opt-in but you would be surprised how many of those kinds of customers come to us and realize their mailing list was actually more “dirtier” than they thought. 

With that said, there is no such thing as 100% clean list either. Email accounts get activated and deactivated over a period of time and you can never have a 100% clean email list but who said you can't try for at least 98%, which is what we offer.

Considering you are a seasoned email marketer, you know the cost involved in sending email marketing campaigns. The preparation involved and the effort put into it to render results. 

Most of the time, many end up spending 1000’s of dollars sending to dead/invalid email addresses. That means all that effort is likely to bring little or no reward since ESPs don't like you (owing to your bounce rate) and you only reached a very few active customers on your mailing list. 

We help you get rid of old, invalid, non-existent email addresses that are likely to generate a lot of bounces and cause your ESPs a lot of grief.

Email verifier’s innovative email verification process intelligently clean each email address at an astonishing speed. Our system scans and verifies each email’s existence within milliseconds whilst scanning it against millions of spam trap and complainer records we have in place. 

There are also hundreds of rules and validation algorithms in place to give you that accurate email verification result you are after. This in turn gives you an email marketing campaign you can boast about. Your email marketing efforts will not go in waste with us.