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How do I add more API credit?

Last updated by Roshan Jonah on June 07, 2016 19:18

Our email verification API is linked directly to your account. Once you top up or subscribe to a monthly plan, you can use the credits you purchased to top up your API balance. 

We do not have a separate top up facility for API purposes only. This saves you the cost of having to top up two individual services within our system. 

1) So once you subscribed to a  monthly plan or  topped up your account, you would need to go to "Real-time API" page. 

2) From there, you will be presented with a choice to top up your API balance. If you have both a monthly subscription and a top up credit, you can choose which credit you would like to use to increase your API balance. If you have just monthly subscription or just top up credit, you can simply enter the number of email address verification you need and click "Add Credit".

3) Done! Your credit will be automatically deducted from chosen method and your API balance will be increased accordingly. 

Note: These are actual API credits although a "$" symbol is displayed. They are not dollar values. They are actual transactions/calls you can make. Each email address takes off 1 single API call from your API balance. If you verify a single email (regardless of whether its valid/invalid/unknown), you will be charged 1 single API call charge. For the cost of using our email verification API, please see this article - How much does it cost to use your API?